Why Online Poker?: Poker is an extremely exciting and fun game. While it isn't practical for many people to play it in physical casinos, online casinos have eliminated the roadblocks in poker playing, making it accessible for many people. Getting six to ten people to meet for a significant period of time is not the easiest task, and getting those same people to agree on limits and type of game is even more difficult. Some people also may have a moral objection to taking money from their friends, and unless you can get together a large group of complete strangers around a poker table, that's a problem that is very challenging to solve with physical poker games. All of those problems disappeared when online poker came on the map. Now people can play poker whenever, and wherever they feel like it. It's becoming especially popular with many Aussie players.

Can you really win money?: Yes, you can really win money. It's not difficult to have the proficiency to beat the microlimits of online poker. While we don't suggest you quit your day job as there are very few people who could make a living as professional poker players, if you're willing to practice, your poker playing hobby does not have to come with a loss.

When you hear people talking about profitability, you'll often hear the term "win-rate", which is defined as the average number of big bets (or BB) per one hundred hands played. Some people feel that the win rate is very significant, that it signifies how good a poker player is. However, the net profit doesn't tell you how "good" a player is because it doesn't tell you how many hands it took the player to achieve the profit. Another school of thought regarding his issue is that the win-rate has no significance, and how you play is what matters. This approach also has its merits, as it is an analytical way of looking at the game, and improving your game. The third approach is that only results matter and the average win-rate is not significant whatsoever. People who believe this school of thought say that poker is about winning money, and how much you have won is what holds significance. Of course, this philosophy has merits as it analyzes undisputable values.

So if you're wondering if you can win money with poker at an online casino, the answer is yes. If you're asking how much, there is unfortunately no answer for you. You certainly can beat online poker. Focus on learning a way to play the game that brings you wins, and eventually you will realize where your profits are, and how much they will be.

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